Unjust Incarceration

Jan 17, 2017headlines



Our nation’s jails hold more than 731,000 people on any given day. More than 7,500 are right here in Cook County Jail – the largest single-site jail in the United States.

With over five million people, Cook County is the America’s second most populous county. Everything we do – both correctly and incorrectly – serves as an example for the rest of the nation. Unfortunately, for far too long we have been demonstrating many of the things that are wrong with the criminal justice system.

Far too often, jailing the poor and mentally ill is the first option, instead of finding thoughtful solutions that don’t take people away from their family, jobs and livelihood.

Below you will find initiatives and information related to my fight for a more thoughtful approach to criminal justice. Please consider joining us in this fight.

Sheriff Thomas J. Dart

Initiatives and Information

Case Studies

Case Study M.H. Case Study T.Y. Case Study S.B.
Case Study D. E. Case Study J.W. Case Study M.P.
Case Study W.M. Case Study A.M. Case Study J.B.A.
Case Study A.B. Case Study L.K. Case Study L.B.
Case Study W.B. Case Study S.J. Case Study V.G.
Case Study M.S. Case Study J.J. Case Study R.M.