Case Study W.M.

Charge: Theft of 8 packs of Snickers bars and
a pair of scissors

Days in Jail: 114

Cost to taxpayers: $16,302

  • In the past 15 years, W.M., who is 57-years-old, has been arrested 61 times. His history includes:
    • 19 bookings into Cook County Jail
    • 7 admissions to the Illinois Department of Corrections
      • 6 of his IDOC admissions are for Retail Theft.
  • His 19 bookings into CCDOC total 1,117 days spent in jail at a collective housing cost of about $159,731. His cases have been resolved with a variety of outcomes:
    • IDOC – 7
    • Sentence Completed – 4
    • Stricken with Leave to Reinstate – 2
    • Dropped – 2
    • Probation – 3
    • Time Considered Served – 1
    • Drug Treatment – 1
  • W.M.’s most recent arrest occurred on Sept. 29, 2014, for attempting to steal eight packs of Snickers bars and a pair of scissors. He was observed by the CVS Loss Prevention Agent wrapping the packs of candy bars around his legs with shoestrings and covering them with his pant leg. He spent 114 days in CCDOC on this case before being released to Gateway drug treatment.
  • At the time of the September arrest, W.M. was on parole for a retail theft conviction that occurred in June 2012. He will be released from parole on March 2, 2015. IDOC was notified of the violation and did not issue a warrant for him.
  • The large majority of W.M.’s 61 arrests are for attempting to steal various amounts of candy from large chain retailers. According to the arrests reports, W.M. states that he is stealing them because he is Diabetic.
  • His retail theft charges continue to be upgraded to Class 4 Felonies because of his history.