Case Study A. M.

Charge: Criminal Trespassing

Days in Jail: 173

Cost to taxpayers: $24,739

  • 25 arrests, 20 of them within the past year – 11 bookings into the Cook County Jail. Of the 11 bookings, 10 have occurred in the past year
  • A.M. is currently in the jail on a Criminal Trespass to Vehicles case. He was arrested January 3, 2015 after being curbed for not having a rear license plate. He admitted to having a revoked license.The next day, he was released on an I-Bond. When he did not appear in court on January 6th, a warrant was issued for his arrest. The warrant was returned January 17th when he was arrested for attempting to steal a can of beer totaling $1.29. He was brought back into jail custody on this case, the original Criminal Trespass to Vehicles case, and for a Violation of Bail Bond. The Retail Theft was dropped after 24 days while the other cases continued.

    He is been in custody for a total of 173 days on this string of cases – total housing cost for this booking is $24,739.

  • A psychological exam has been ordered by the court to test A.M’s fitness to stand trial and understand court proceedings.
  • In another case from March 2014, A.M. was arrested for Criminal Trespass – Remain on Land. This arrest occurred at a shopping mall, where he was first observed in a restaurant bathroom tearing up toilet paper. When asked to leave, he wandered through the mall yelling profanities at customers. He spent 39 days in jail before the case was dropped.
  • The address that A.M. provided to officers at booking is a homeless shelter.