Case Study V. G.

Charge: Criminal Trespassing

Days in Jail: 112 days

Cost to taxpayers: $16,016

  • 28 arrests – 16 bookings into CCDOC
  • Over her 16 bookings combined, 41-year-old V.G. has spent a total of 736 days in Cook County Jail. Said differently, she has spent 25% of the past 8 years in jail custody. All of her arrests are for low-level crimes, mostly Criminal Trespass.
  • Her most recent arrest occurred on March 19th, 2015. In weeks before her arrest, she had been told by management at a mobile home park to stay off the property. On the date of the arrest, they again observed her sitting on the steps of a trailer smoking a cigarette. They asked her to leave and she refused. When they told her police were on their way, she left the property and was stopped by officers a few blocks awayV.G. related that she had seen the owner of the trailer yesterday and he told her she could sit on the steps and wait for a ride. Officers then discovered that the owner of the trailer had passed away about 2 weeks prior. She was arrested for Criminal Trespass. While at the station, V.G. allegedly attempted to swing at an officer and was uncooperative.

    She has been in custody for 112 days on this case. On June 6, 2015 she was found unfit to stand trial by the court because of mental illness. She was committed to the Department of Mental Health and is currently awaiting transfer from the jail to an inpatient mental health facility.

  • Of her 16 bookings, 4 have resulted in her being committed to the Department of Mental Health. The rest of the cases were either dropped, resolved with time considered served, or released with court supervision.