Case Study R. M.

Charge: Retail Theft

Days in Jail: 308 days

Cost to taxpayers: $44,044

  • 30 arrests – 30 bookings in Cook County Jail – 7 admissions to IDOC. Aside from a Burglary conviction from 1999, all of R.M.’s IDOC admissions have been for Retail Theft.
  • 51-year-old R.M.’s most recent arrest occurred on September 27, 2014. Police officers on patrol observed a CVS loss prevention agent pursuing someone through the store parking lot. When they arrived, the agent had detained R.M. after observing him place several packs of toothpaste and breath mints in his bag and exit the store. He was arrested and brought to Cook County Jail.
  • The judge ordered him to be placed on Electronic Home Monitoring on his first court date, but he had no residence within Cook County where he could be placed, so he remained in jail. He has been in custody on this case for 308 days, or 10 months. Cost to taxpayers for this incarceration so far is about $44,044
  • A psychological exam to test R.M.’s fitness to stand trial was ordered at his last court date.