Case Study J. J.

Charge: Retail Theft

Days in Jail: 179 days

Cost to taxpayers: $35,597

  • 53 arrests – 24 bookings into Cook County Jail – 6 admissions to IDOC since 2008. All of his IDOC admissions are for theft/retail theft.
  • All of J.J.’s arrests are for low level, non-violent crimes. The vast majority of them are theft/retail theft with a few criminal trespass charges, minor drug possession charges, and a couple drinking on the public way charges.
  • His most recent arrest occurred on December 27, 2014. J.J. entered CVS and was observed by the loss prevention officer placing 6 tubes of toothpaste under his clothes and attempting to leave the store. The officer stopped and held him until police arrived. The total cost of the items was $22.14.
  • The judge in this case originally ordered J.J. to be placed on electronic home monitoring, but he did not have a suitable residence to be placed at and did not have $2,000 bail to post, so he remained in CCDOC custody for the entirety of his case – 179 days or 6 months. The total cost to taxpayers for this incarceration is $25,597.
  • On June 23, 2015, he was found guilty and sentenced to 1 year in state prison. Because he spent so much time in jail pre-trial that was credited towards his sentence, he had already completed his sentence by the time his case was resolved and did not spend any time in prison. Instead, he was shipped to a state facility, booked into their system, and released onto parole the same day.