Eviction Social Services

The Evictions Social Services Unit provides assistance to individuals who are elderly, mentally ill, physically disabled and families with very young children who are facing evictions. The Social Services Unit helps defendants connect with social services organizations that can be helpful prior to the enforcement of the eviction.

Persons in need of assistance can contact the Social Services Unit for more information at: 312-603-3337

Evictions Procedure – Property Owner’s Guide

Evictions Procedure – Tenant’s Guide 

Social Services Connector

The Social Service Connector is designed to provide the residents of Cook County with a directory of social service organizations that may be useful when facing an eviction. Click on the link below to see a directory of organizations that provide the following services:

Clothing Homeless
Counseling- Financial Homeless- Students Facing Homelessness
Disabilities- Developmental Housing- Assisted Living
Education- Vocational/Technical Housing- Community Care Disabilities
Emergency Food- Pantries Housing- Continuing Care Retirement
Emergency Food- Soup Kitchens   Housing- General/Other
Emergency Shelter- Domestic Violence Housing- Housing Search Assistance
Emergency Shelter- Families  Housing- Intermediate Care
Emergency Shelter- General  Housing- Life Care
Emergency Shelter- Men Housing- Shared Housing
Emergency Shelter- Pregnant Teens Housing- Skilled Nursing
Emergency Shelter- Transitional Housing- Single Room Housing
Emergency Shelter- Women Housing- Subsidized Rental
Emergency Shelter- Women and Children Legal Aid- Housing and Debt
Emergency Shelter- Youth Legal- Landlord/Tenant Assistance
Employment- Job Search Legal- Lawyer Referral
Employment- Job Training Long-term Residential for Women
Employment- Sheltered Workshops  Mental Health- Crisis Intervention
Financial Assistance- Rent/Mortgage Mental Health- Halfway houses
  Senior Services