Case Study L. K.

Charge: Criminal Trespassing at O’Hare International Airport

Days in Jail: 181

Cost to taxpayers: $25,883

  • 72 arrests in 15 years, 16 bookings into Cook County Jail.
  • The large majority of 50-year-old L.K.’s arrests are for Criminal Trespass. In most cases, she lingers on public and government property, occasionally shouting things at passersby. Most often, she is arrested for trespassing at various Metra and CTA stations, fast food restaurants, businesses in downtown Chicago, and parks. Many of the employees at these places now recognize her as a habitual trespasser.
  • Her most recent arrest occurred on February 3, 2015 at O’Hare airport, where she has been arrested before. Arrest reports indicate that she entered and remained at the airport after stating that she did not have any legitimate reason for being there. She was arrested, charged with misdemeanor criminal trespass, and taken to the airport police station for processing.
  • L.K. struggles with mental health issues and after a court ordered psychological exam, was found unfit to stand trial and follow court proceedings. Her charges have since been dropped as of August 8, 2015.
  • L.K. was in the custody of the Cook County Jail for 181 days on this case. Of her 16 bookings, this was her longest stay. The cost to house for this booking so far was about $25,883.
  • Based on what she told officers at booking, L.K. is homeless.