Case Study T. Y.

Charge: Criminal Trespassing at Rush Hospital

Days in Jail: 38

Cost to taxpayers: $5,434

  • 7 arrests since 2011 – 5 bookings into the Cook County Jail – 169 days spent in the jail collectively at a housing cost of over $24,000 over 4 years
  • 51-year-old T.Y. was recently released on a Criminal Trespass to Land case. The arrest occurred on December 8, 2014 as she was found sleeping on the fourth floor of Rush Hospital after being told to leave and stay off the property in the past. She was on crutches at the time. The same day, she was released on an I-Bond. She did not appear in court at her next court date and a warrant was issued for her arrest.The warrant was returned on February 1, 2015 after CPD observed T.Y. obstructing southbound traffic on Western Ave, stopped her, and ran her name which revealed the active warrant. She was booked back into the jail and spent 38 days in custody before her case was dropped on March 11, 2015. The housing cost for this booking was over $5,000.
  • At her last court date, a Behavioral Clinical Exam was ordered by the judge to test her psychological fitness to stand trial.
  • In a previous case, T.Y. was arrested for Criminal Trespass to Residence after an individual of no relation to T.Y. came home to find T.Y. sitting at her kitchen table eating a can of Macaroni and Cheese. She was not booked into the jail on these charges and the case was eventually dropped.
  • The home address T.Y. gave to booking officers is a Rush Medical Housing facility.