Case Study D. E.

Charge: Trespassing at O’Hare International Airport

Days in Jail: 86

Cost to taxpayers: $12,298

  • 28 arrests total – 16 bookings into Cook County Jail
  • Collectively, D.E., who is 51-years-old, has spent 247 days in CCDOC at a cost of $35,321. In the past three years alone, D.E. has been booked to CCDOC eight times and has spent 190 days in the jail.
  • D.E.’s most recent arrest occurred on Nov. 29, 2014. He was arrested for trespassing at O’Hare after security recognized him and was aware he was wanted for failure to appear in court for a previous trespassing case. An additional Violation of Bail Bond charge was added, and he was booked back into CCDOC. His bond was set at $1,000. A mental health evaluation was ordered by the court and D.E. was found unfit to stand trial. D.E. was sent to the Department of Mental Health after 86 days in jail.
  • All but one of his recent bookings have been for the same charge: Criminal Trespass to State Land. Each time, he is seen loitering at or around O’Hare airport and is arrested after being asked to leave several times and freely reporting that he has no legitimate reason for being at the airport.
  • In many of his arrest reports officers admit to approaching him because they recognize him as a habitual trespasser, know that he is out on bond from Criminal Trespass at O’Hare, or know that he has an active warrant for failure to appear in court.
  • He continually gets released on I-Bonds and subsequently fails to appear in court or gets re-arrested at O’Hare and booked back into CCDOC for the Criminal Trespass and the Violation Bail Bond.
  • One of his few non-criminal trespass arrests occurred on Sept. 27, 2013. D.E. attempted to steal 1 bottle of Pepsi and 1 bag of cookies totaling $4.58 from Jewel Osco. He spent 28 days in jail before being released with time considered served.