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Close It Up Cook County: Implementing the 9 p.m. Routine

A program that explains how utilizing the 9 p.m. Routine creates a proactive safety habit that helps keep residents and their property safe.

Neighborhood Watch Program

This program involves scheduled meetings with unincorporated Cook County residents in a specific geographical area to discuss local crime stats, community concerns, and ways to stay safe.

How To Start A Neighborhood Watch Program

We teach what it takes to start a Neighborhood Watch program in a community and the important steps residents can take, working in partnership with local law enforcement, to keep their communities safe.

Block Captain Training for Neighborhood Watch

An important presentation for all communities beginning a new Neighborhood Watch Program. This presentation covers Block Captain responsibilities including how to connect with your neighbors, utilize a phone/email chain, how to structure and conduct meetings, and provides great ideas on how to keep a community engaged through a variety of neighborhood events.

Crime Scene Investigations

We teach how Sheriff’s Police Evidence Technicians process a crime scene, handle the recovery of fingerprints, and recover evidence and interpret clues left behind to help solve a crime.

Internet Safety

Hear from a Police Officer who works in the Department’s Child Exploitation Unit about the work done to keep children safe on the Internet, important information for parents, and what types of investigations this unit performs.

Meet A Police Officer

Designed for grade school children, this program features a Sheriff’s Police Officer visiting students in class to talk about their job, safety issues, the importance of knowing one’s personal information, and following the rules. A tour of the Officer’s Patrol Car is also included.

Tips To Keep Your Holiday Safe

Perfect for group presentations around the holidays, this program provides loads of great safety tips for shopping and parking at the mall, ATM use, online shopping, home safety, and traveling during the busiest time of the year.