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Community Events

The Sheriff’s Office hosts a range of community events meant to meet the service and resource needs of a given area and strengthen relationships between community members and police. Please email for scheduling.

Community Information Meetings

Members of the Community Relations Unit conduct meetings for community groups to discuss local crime statistics, share crime prevention information, answer questions and address concerns brought forth by residents.

National Night Out

The first “national night out” was introduced in August of 1984. The focus was to get neighborhoods actively involved in preventing crime in their neighborhoods. Every year we host National Night Out in Ford Heights and Maine Township. Last year we expanded to Leyden Township.

National Night Out is a time to celebrate police officers as members of the communities they work in.

We provide food and festivities while building relationships and familiarizing community members with our work.


Officers from our Training Academy offer a basic self-defense course that focuses on awareness, identifying potential bad situations, how to avoid violence in public, role playing scenarios, and physical demonstrations. This program is customized for a variety of demographics from teens to seniors.