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Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Re-packagers or Retailers subject to the Cook County Safe Disposal of Pharmaceuticals Ordinance (Sec. 46-102 to Sec. 46-109) Must register Here.


Producer registration opened on January 23, 2017.  Re-packager registration opened on November 20, 2018. 

Producersor Re-packagersand Retailers subject to Sec. 46-102 must complete the Producer Registry Form or Re-packager and Retailer Notification Form available on this webpage and submit the completed Form as described under Sec. 46-104(b), via Internet or email to the Director of Sheriff’s Prescription Drug Take Back Program at  The Director may, on a case-by-case basis, approve in writing requests for extensions of time for the submission dates and deadlines in this Sec. 46-104.  Each Producer3 must participate in the Collection Plan and pay a Registration Fee as well as meet with the Producer.

A Producer has fulfilled its registration requirement and a Re-Packager and Retailer has fulfilled their respective notification requirement when the completed fillable form for each is sent via email to our email address at

Click Here for the Producer Registry Form or Click Here for the Re-packager and Retailer Notification Form.

Click Here to see the current Producer Registry and Re-Packager and Retailer Notification List.


1Producer means a Manufacturer engaged in the manufacture of a Covered Drug sold in Cook County, including a brand-name or Generic Drug on the date of enactment of the ordinance, October 23, 2016. Producers were required to register with the Director of the Sheriff’s Prescription Drug Take Back Program commencing January 23, 2017.

2Retailers or Re-packagers whose label appears on a Covered Drug or the Covered Drug’s packaging were required to provide the contact information of the Manufacturer from whom the Retailer or Re-packager obtains the Covered Drug, effective April 23, 2017, or by six months after a retailer whose label appears on a Covered Drug or the Covered Drug’s packaging starts selling the Covered Drug in the County, or by six months after a Covered Drug repackaged by Re-packager is first sold in the County, and, thereafter, upon request from the Director.

3Under the ordinance, Producer does not include:  (1) a retailer whose store label appears on a Covered Drug or the drug’s packaging if the Manufacturer from whom the retailer obtains the drug is identified under Sec. 46-103(d) of the ordinance; (2) a Repackager, if the Manufacturer from whom the Repackager obtains the Drug is identified under Sec. 46-103(d) of the ordinance; (3) a pharmacist who compounds or repackages a prescribed individual drug product for a consumer; or (4) a wholesaler who is not also the Manufacturer.

4Under the ordinance, a Covered Drug means a Drug sold, offered for sale or dispensed in Cook County in any form, including prescription, nonprescription, brand name and generic drugs. Covered Drug does not include (1) vitamins or supplements, (2) herbal-based remedies and homeopathic drugs, products or remedies; (3) cosmetics, shampoos, sunscreens, toothpaste, lip balm, antiperspirants, or other personal care products that are regulated as both cosmetics and nonprescription drugs under the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (Title 21 U.S.C. Chapter 9); 4) Drugs for which Producers provide a pharmaceutical stewardship or take-back program as part of a federal Food and Drug Administration-managed risk evaluation and mitigation strategy (21 U.S.C. Sec. 355-1); 5) Drugs that are biological products as defined by 21 C.F.R. Sec. 600.3(h) as its exists on the effective date of this Ordinance if the Producer already provides a pharmaceutical product stewardship or take back program; and 6) medical devices or their components parts or accessories. Sec. 46-102.