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Prescription Drug Takeback Program

Free. Anonymous. Responsible.

Thanks to Cook County residents, since 2017 we destroyed more than 97,677,941 pills through the Cook County Sheriff’s Prescription Drug Take Back Program.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Prescription Drug Take Back Program collects and destroys unwanted prescription drugs at our 129 permanent collection sites and at community take back events.

Our service is free of charge for County residents.
Collection is handled on an anonymous basis.

Cook County residents can safely dispose of their unwanted medicines by taking them to a collection box located throughout Cook County or to designated community prescription drug take back events. Participating local law enforcement and government agencies and pharmacies will accept unwanted Covered Drugs, including most prescription and over-the-counter medicines for disposal. Learn more by e-mailing us at

Please dispose of unwanted medicines responsibly—

Don’t toss or flush.
Don’t leave them lying around unattended.
Don’t throw them in the trash or down the sink. Don’t flush them down the toilet.

Remember, unused or expired prescription drugs can lead to poisoning, overdose and abuse. In Illinois, prescription pain medication overdose deaths doubled between 2013 and 2016. Learn about public safety and public health involving prescription drugs on this web page.

Save lives and protect the environment—call 1-84 GOT USD RX or use our interactive map on this web page to find a convenient collection location near you.