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Cook County Sheriff’s Training

The Cook County Sheriff’s Training Institute provides training for court, correction, and police personnel. Our mission is to provide high quality programs that are as diverse as the workforce we serve. Staff instructors provide expert instruction in crucial subjects, such as first responder training, emergency services, and defensive tactics. Our instructors are passionate about training. In the classroom, our instructors promote the leadership and professionalism that creates a strong foundation for a career in law enforcement. This begins with the physical training and military bearing instilled in the recruit program and is later reinforced through in-service training designed for veteran officers.

We know that success favors the prepared mind. The Cook County Sheriff’s Training Institute is committed to propelling our personnel into the new millennium. As law enforcement continues to evolve, so too shall our training programs. Our top priority is making sure our sworn personnel have the tools and training necessary to meet the needs of our community and resolve threats to public safety.

Mission Statement

The Training Academy is dedicated to providing the highest quality training directed at community safety, the protection of life and property, and reduction of crime and the fear of crime. We provided diversity of training and the instruction needed to support basic and advanced training courses by balancing classroom instruction with integrated practical exercises that promote knowledge, ethical values and skills police officers need in the community they are called upon to preserve. We constantly maintain a commitment to Law Enforcement, that training be ongoing and continuous in the pursuit of Police Professionalism.