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Street Crimes Command

The Street Crimes Command includes the Tech Unit, Out-of-state Fugitive Extraditions, and the following:

Narcotics Investigations and Intelligence
Undercover officers focus on high-volume illegal narcotics dealers who often cross jurisdictional boundaries. These narcotics investigations are the most confidential and dangerous kind, requiring dedicated and professional officers to effect the arrest and prosecution of the most ruthless high-level drug dealers. This includes the seizure of large quantities of illegal narcotics, and the proceeds of that illegal activity, such as cash, bank accounts, properties, and vehicles.

Long-term investigations have high impact on the regional trafficking of illegal narcotics, often those causing multiple area deaths due to opioid overdoses.

The Street Crime Suppression Unit (SCSU)
Specialists provide street crime suppression, intervention, and investigation across wide areas and jurisdictional boundaries in Cook County. Criminal faction specialists perform specialized investigations. Works in partnership with suburban law enforcement agencies to combat growing suburban criminal faction activities.

The Gun Suppression Team
Focuses on FOID revocations, straw purchasing, and weapons trafficking.