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Field Operations Command

Patrol operations are organized into 23 beats distributed between the North and South areas of the County. District 6 Patrol operations include incorporated Ford Heights, Illinois, where the Sheriff’s Police is the only police department. In addition to the uniformed Police Officers in front-line Patrol who respond to 9-1-1 calls, traffic crashes, and crimes in progress, Patrol oversees other specialized services:

DUI specialists – Help keep the public safe by focusing on dangerous impaired drivers. The officers on the DUI Team are State DUI-certified and specialize in impaired driving enforcement, whether it is alcohol or drug intoxication. They often focus on areas with a history of past DUI accidents and injuries.

Truck / Traffic Unit and the DUI team – Specialists who focus on overweight truck enforcement and reducing traffic fatalities, including those caused by intoxicated drivers. Cook County suburbs and the unincorporated areas especially rely on the truck/Traffic Team to keep our roads from being torn up by the overweight trucks that damage the asphalt.

Crossing guards – The schools in unincorporated Cook County – notably, the middle schools and grammar schools where smaller children attend – need crossing guards. This is a part-time program only operating when school is in session and students are attending in person.

Community Safety Team – A specialized team that focuses on reducing violence and improving public safety in the most violence-plagued areas, including Chicago’s 15th District.

Canine Services – Canine Officers (also known as K-9 Officers) offer bloodhound tracking; narcotics searches; article searches; lost or missing person searches; and hidden suspect searches.



Sheriff’s Police Academy – This is one of only four State-certified police academies in the northern region of Illinois. It serves all of Illinois, but mostly the  suburbs and towns in Cook County. Outside agencies pay a fee to send their recruits there. For more information contact the Academy at

Air Support – In partnership with the Chicago Police Department, the Police One helicopter serves on many missions supporting public safety throughout suburban Cook County. These range from tracking dangerous fleeing fugitives from the air and searching for missing and lost children with thermal imaging.

The School Safety Program – Implements school shooting drills and threat planning, as mandated by Illinois State statutes.

Hostage / Terrorist / Barricade (HBT) Team and the Hostage Negotiators Team – The goal is safely bringing a non-violent end to situations where armed subjects have taken hostages, barricaded themselves, or threatened to kill themselves or others. These are trained specialists and SWAT operators.  Almost all of the Cook County suburbs rely on the Sheriff’s Police HBT Team for this type of service.

Tier 1 Bomb Team – The Sheriff’s Police Bomb Team removes or defuses explosive bombs and munitions, as well as disposing of improvised explosive materials and seized bulk ammunition. Disposal of dangerous illegal fireworks is included. The Bomb Team also provides canine detection of explosive materials and munitions. Common scenarios include clearing locations where bomb threats have been called in, clearing locations for diplomats and dignitaries, and ensuring the safety of critical facilities and infrastructure.

Firearms Range – The indoor firearms range is one of the safest types, with HEPA air filters and State-certified instructors. Many suburban agencies rely on the Range in addition to the Sheriff’s Office.