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Tails of Redemption

Tails of Redemption was founded by Sheriff Tom Dart in 2018 and is a program dedicated to providing second chances to dogs and individuals in custody alike. Program participants are taught to train dogs in basic obedience, to help the dogs get adopted. This program also provides individuals in custody with skills, including problem-solving, focusing, and patience and they get to experience success.

We currently work with 3 local shelters. We began our program with a partnership with Chicago Animal Care and Control. In 2021, we partnered with Cicero Waggin’ Tails and the South Suburban Humane Society.

We were located inside the Cook County Jail, Division 9 but in June of 2023 we were relocated to the MHTC Barracks 2B.

In November of 2023, we added temporary fencing on the outside of Barracks 2B. This has allowed us to take the dogs out one at a time to enjoy some time off-leash and get their energy out.

When we first moved over to Barracks 2B, our program consisted of 5 kennels. This meant we could house a maximum of 4 dogs. Our first new kennel shipment, which came in December of 2023, consisted of 6 big standalone kennels. These kennels have plumbing to help drain while cleaning the kennels. In February of 2024, we added 6 big kennels and 6 small kennels.

Tails of Redemption currently has 23 Kennels. This has allowed the program to free up valuable kennel space at our partner shelters.

For members of the public interested in supporting Tails of Redemption, there is an Amazon Wishlist with items the program needs to help train the dogs in its care.

If you choose to purchase any items for Tails of Redemption through the above link, you understand and acknowledge that you will not receive any reimbursement or benefit for donating such items from the Cook County Sheriff’s Office and/ or its employees. Thank you for your generosity!