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Sheriff’s Rehabilitative Programs

The Sheriff’s Rehabilitative Programs provide programming services that allow individuals in custody an opportunity to engage in meaningful and pro-social ways while incarcerated at the Cook County Department of Corrections. The goal of Sheriff’s Rehabilitative Programs is to prepare individuals for reintegration into our communities.

Below is a snapshot of the type of programs offered:

  • Religious Services
  • Educational Programs
  • Substance Use Treatment Programs:
    • Mental Health Transition Center (MHTC)
    • Sheriff’s Anti-Violence Effort (SAVE)
    • Sheriff’s Men’s Residential Treatment Program (SMART)
    • Sheriff’s Women’s Residential Treatment Program (THRIVE)
      • The Therapeutic Healing Recovery Initiative for Vitality and Empowerment program
  • Clinical Assessment and Rehabilitative Program (CARP): CARP is designed to engage IIC’s in individual and group programming to develop skills that will deter extreme behaviors. This includes participating in individual and group interventions, administering assessment measures, developing and implementing crisis related safety plans, increasing self-awareness of risk and protective factors, and providing additional resources for long term sustainability.
  • Veteran Services
  • Community Support
  • Voter Education and Civic Engagement
  • Restoration and Enrichment Programs
    • Yoga
    • Chess
    • Creative Arts
    • Narcotics Anonymous
    • Alcoholics Anonymous
    • Parenting
    • Workforce Development
    • Urban Farming & Garden
    • Apiary Program
    • Recipe for Change
    • Welding