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How to send mail to an Individual in Custody

What is the address to send mail to an individual in custody?
The mailing address for sending letters to individuals in custody is:

2700 S. California Ave.
Chicago, IL 60608

Please be sure to include the individual in custody’s name and I.D. number (also known as booking number) with the address.
If you do not know the individual in custody’s I.D. number, you can obtain it by calling our automated system at 773-674-5245 or use the Individual in Custody Locator.

What items CANNOT be mailed to an individual in custody?
Click here to view the list of prohibited or restricted items.

Some of these items will be made available to the individual in custody through commissary.

If any portion of a package is prohibited, the entire package will be returned to the sender with an explanation of why the package was returned.

Mail that is found to be covered, saturated, or sprayed with any foreign substance will be removed from circulation as contraband and not returned to the sender. This includes perfume, cologne or other substance that permits any odor, discolors or shrinks the paper or makes the paper sticky, wet, greasy, oily or crinkled.

The sender may obtain a review of returned items by writing to the Department of Corrections within 10 days of receipt of a Notice of Returned Mail and stating his/her objections at the following address:

Mail Rejection
Cook County Department of Corrections
2700 S. California Ave.
Chicago, IL 60608