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NOTE: All translated documents are for reference purposes only. Prior to submission, please fill out the English version of the document you would like to submit.

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  1. Verification of Non-Rental Assistance form (Plaintiff must fill out and submit this form for all pending and new Orders of possession. If the form is not completed and submitted to our office the eviction will not be scheduled.)
  2. Defendant Eviction Letter (Copy of the mailing sent to the defendant in each eviction case.)
  3. Plaintiff Eviction Letter (Copy of the mailing sent to the plaintiff in each eviction case.)
  4. Social Service Connector (A helpful guide to social service organizations in the Cook County Area.)
  5. Pet issues related to evictions (A list of helpful organizations to assist with pet issues related to an eviction.)
  6. Rental Assistance (A link to information and programs for rental assistance. This is helpful for both defendants and plaintiffs in eviction cases.)