Sheriff Dart Hosts Catalytic Converter Anti-Theft Event in Chicago’s 11th Ward

Oct 6, 2023Press Release

COOK COUNTY, IL – Cook County Sheriff Thomas J. Dart was joined by Commissioner John Daley and Alderwoman Nicole Lee at yesterday’s catalytic converter etching event held in Chicago’s 11th Ward.

During the free event, 65 city residents were able to get their catalytic converters etched with their vehicle’s VIN number by Sheriff’s Office mechanics using a hand-held digital device that provides police access to tracking information in the event their converter is stolen.

“This new technology also allows law enforcement agencies to register an etched catalytic converter – with the vehicle owner’s consent – into a central database for police reporting and tracking,” said Sheriff Dart. “This will help deter would-be thieves and prevent the converter from being re-sold.”

The Sheriff’s Office has previously hosted catalytic converter events throughout Cook County where vehicle owners could have their converters spray painted with the CCSO logo. More than 500 catalytic converters have been painted at these events.

Commissioner John Daley and Alderwoman Nicole Lee were enthusiastic to have the event held in their ward for the first time.

“This catalytic converter etching event helps local residents reduce the risk of catalytic converter theft and resale. I’m grateful to Sheriff Dart for providing this service to residents in the 11th District,” said Daley.

“With the rise of catalytic converter thefts both in our ward and across the city, it’s clear we need to take novel measures to prevent them from occurring,” said Lee, “I’m proud to partner with the Cook County Sheriff’s Office to provide the first of these events here in the 11th, and we encourage all residents to take advantage of these opportunities.”

If you are interested in learning more about upcoming catalytic converter etching events, please email the Cook County Sheriff’s Office Community Engagement Team: