Sheriff Dart Applauds Gov. Pritzker for Signing Ghost Gun Ban

May 18, 2022Press Release

COOK COUNTY, IL – Cook County Sheriff Thomas J. Dart applauded Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s decision to sign into law legislation proposed by the Sheriff that will combat the growing proliferation of untraceable “ghost guns” that are being used in violent crimes.

“Gov. Pritzker understands the urgent need for this law, which we pushed for to address the proliferation of these guns that criminals increasingly use to avoid accountability for the violence they inflict upon our communities,” Sheriff Dart said.

Sheriff Dart proposed this legislation last year as Sheriff’s Police and other local law enforcement agencies were finding an increasing number of the weapons on the streets.

In April, the measure, sponsored by state Sen. Jacqueline Collins and state Rep. Kam Buckner, was passed by the Illinois General Assembly. The Governor is expected sign the bill into law today at Ark of St. Sabina’s later this morning.

Dubbed “ghost guns,” these can be assembled at home using parts purchased separately in stores or online. Unlike typical firearms, these individual parts are not considered an actual firearm and are not required to have a serial number. As a result, when a ghost gun is used in a crime, law enforcement agencies are unable to trace the weapon to the original purchaser, a key investigative step.