Set up an Individual in Custody Phone Account

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office is happy to announce a new way for Friends & Family to communicate with individuals in custody (IIC) through text messaging. The text messaging service is managed through a contract with ViaPath and can be found at  There is a fee of $.06 per message sent to the IIC.  The IIC can respond and send messages to Friends & Family for free.

Please understand that as you are sending messages into a correctional facility, any and all messages are subject to review by the Cook County Sheriff’s Office. This platform is not intended to be used to send messages of a confidential nature or containing privileged information. Attorneys are advised that they should not use this platform to send messages containing confidential or privileged communications to their clients, as there is no mechanism for flagging privileged communications. Messages that contain inappropriate language and words that impact the safety and security of the Cook County Department of Corrections will be blocked.  Blocked messages are not refundable.

For more information and to register an account please visit or install the Gettingout app through the App store or Google Play.

Beginning September 22, 2021, Cook County Jail will have a new service provider for individual in custody phone calls called GTL. Funds for the previous provider, Legacy Communications, will no longer be accepted for individual in custody phone call payments. All Legacy Communications customers may request a refund by calling 1-800-356-8390.

To ensure a seamless transition between providers, members of the public wishing to receive calls from a individual in custody are encouraged to set up pre-paid accounts to their home, cell phone or international telephone number. These accounts will be used to pay for individual in custody phone calls. Money may be added to these accounts beginning 9/22/21.

Information on the new phone provider and the types of accounts offered may be found here.

Information on how to set up a prepaid account may be found at

Questions may be directed to GTL’s 24/7 friends and family call center at 1-877-650-4249.

GTL Inmate Communications Calling Rates:

  • Local $0.05 Per Minute
  • Intrastate $0.05 Per Minute
  • Interstate $0.05 Per Minute
  • International (Mexico & Canada) $0.08 Per Minute
  • International (All Others) $0.13 Per Minute