Elderly Woman with Dementia Found Outside Jail; Returned Home

Jul 1, 2016Press Release

An 80-year-old woman with dementia missing for more than a day has been reunited with her caregiver thanks to the work of two Cook County Sheriff Correctional officers.

On routine bike patrol around the Cook County Jail Wednesday, Officers Edmundo Sanchez and Robert Kronon spotted the woman sitting on the steps of a Sheriff’s Office administrative building on the 3000 block of South California Avenue.

The officers worked with Chicago Police who were able to figure out that a missing persons report had been filed about the woman Tuesday. The woman was unaware how she had gotten from her home in the West Lawn neighborhood six miles away or what had transpired in the 24 hours she was missing. She was reunited with her caregiver, a friend she grew up with in Puerto Rico, where most of her family still lives.