Annual Report: Evictions Approach Pre-Pandemic Levels

Feb 6, 2024Press Release

COOK COUNTY, IL – The number of evictions ordered by the courts in 2023 – nearly 12,000 – approached pre-pandemic levels as a specialized Sheriff’s social service unit helped vulnerable tenants across the county transition to safe housing, according to an annual report released today by Sheriff Thomas J. Dart.

The Annual Evictions Report illustrates how the elimination of pandemic eviction moratoriums and rent subsidies has led to a significant increase in ordered evictions over the last two years. Meanwhile, the Sheriff’s Assistance for Evictions unit (SAFE) – a nationally recognized social service model developed by Sheriff Dart — helped hundreds of vulnerable tenants as they faced losing their homes.

“I’ve always felt that we could do better than throwing the most vulnerable among us out on the street when they can’t make the rent,” Sheriff Dart said. “I’m dedicated to continuing the critical work of helping those who face this situation, while also ensuring that housing providers have possession returned to them in an efficient manner.”

The annual report, which also includes an analysis of the disproportionate impact of court-ordered evictions on minority communities, is available on the Sheriff’s website:

In combination with releasing the report, the Sheriff’s Office launched an automated notification system to help streamline the process for housing providers. The new system sends updates on pending evictions via text message, email, or phone call.

Housing providers who choose to E-file for an eviction on the Sheriff’s Office website now have the option to receive such automatic notifications sent to the number or email of their choice. E-filing allows plaintiffs to request enforcement, upload documents for each case, and pay Sheriff’s Office service fees from any computer with an internet connection.

To E-file and receive automated notifications visit

For anyone facing eviction who would like social service assistance please contact SAFE staff at (312)-603-3337.