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Sheriff’s Lightsaver Program

The Sheriff’s Office has made long-term investments in non-traditional law enforcement programs a priority. The Sheriff’s LightSaver Program falls into this non-traditional model.

CCSO mechanics provide the expertise necessary to replace defective and missing light bulbs on vehicles. Replacing broken bulbs reduces the number of traffic-related stops, and removes some auto repair costs, and increases roadway safety. It also eliminates court costs and associated fees.

If you’re interested in the program, please fill out the form below and we’ll inform you of when the next event is taking place in your area.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office will only replace lightbulbs as part of the Sheriff’s Vehicle Light Replacement Program, and vehicle lights that are non-functional for any other reason will need to be repaired elsewhere. Participation in the Sheriff’s Vehicle Light Replacement Program is not a guarantee that function will be restored to your vehicle lights. In the interest of public safety, the Cook County Sheriff’s Office strongly recommends individuals refrain from operating vehicles with non-functional vehicle lights. If there is a wait time to participate in the Sheriff’s Vehicle Light Replacement Program, individuals are encouraged to have their vehicle lights repaired elsewhere.