Checkmates for Kids

What is Checkmates for Kids?

The “Checkmates for Kids” program allows incarcerated men to play chess with their children virtually. Participants can see and talk to their children while they play an online chess match. The goal of the program is not only to introduce children to the game of chess, but also allow them to strengthen their connection with their incarcerated parent while reducing the emotional trauma that is normally associated with such a relationship.

The children and guardians gather at a local high school monthly to participate in the program, which provides a sense of camaraderie and exposure to a new learning environment. Together in one room, the children are equipped with a laptop and snacks as they talk to their father via Microsoft Teams and play chess against each other online. In doing so, it provides a comfortable environment to engage with each other and discuss how school is going, the latest sports news and more.

For More Information or to Participate: 773-674-7188